Our mision and services

We provide professional social counselling and basic legal advice to all:

  • foreigners with all types of residence permits;
  • asylum-seekers;
  • asylum holders and persons granted subsidiary protection regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, political orientation and religion.

The mission of our service is to assist our clients with their integration into society in the Czech Republic.


We can help you with:

  • advice on social security and retirement benefits;
  • looking for a job;
  • looking for accommondation;
  • filling-in various forms;
  • finding your way round different types of residence possibilities;
  • applying for citizenship;
  • looking for medical care and information about health insurance possibilities;
  • looking for a kindergarten, school, university
  • recognition of your degrees and qualifications from abroad (nostrification);
  • retraining programmes (requalification);
  • personal assistance during appointments with municipal and state authorities, including OAMP (Department of Asylum and Migration Policy);
  • information about asylum policy;
  • looking for a Czech language tutor;
  • looking for free-time activities for children.

Do you need any legal advice?

  • We provide information in the area of immigration and refugee law.
  • We can help you with arranging your residence permits (preparation of documents and data, dsubmitting applications, contacts with the Foreign Police and the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy, filing a lawsuit, filing appeals).
  • We provide counselling in the issue of internationl protection procedure including extension of subsidiary protection etc.
  • We will advise you about legislation concerning marriage and registered partnerships of two foreigners or of a foreigner and a Czech citizen.
  • We will advise on regulations regarding residence of children born in mixed marriages.

Who is not eligible for our services?

  • A person with aggressive behaviour (including verbal aggression), endangering himself/herself or his/her environment.
  • A person intoxicated with addictive drugs, inc. alcohol.



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